Nadia Beeman began her career in fashion in 2013 as a Fashion Stylist and now takes on the role of Designer heading into 2020.  Statement by Nadia was created from an idea while prepping a photoshoot for a new recording artist. “This was her first photoshoot as a new artist.  As I thought about the aesthetics for the shoot, I wanted to create a way to get her name out there through an accessory or clothing.  I headed to a craft store and picked a vibrant-colored foam paper, then stencil cut the letters of her name and connected the letters. The earrings were different from anything I had seen and were so lightweight, I decided to make another set of her name, and then another.  By the time I saw the earrings reach floor-length, I knew I had created something unique and fun.” 

 Nadia spent the next year researching and designing her floor-length earrings. From the font design to the hardware, Nadia created this light-weight and fully-customizable line of Statement by Nadia resin clip-on earrings.  These earrings can be what you want them to be - some people will create as a simple dangling earring with one letter, others may wear them long enough to gently brush the floor. Statement by Nadia is only the beginning, and already has plans to expand its store to include other designers who  create statement products, making Statement by Nadia the go-to place for outside-the-box products and accessories.  Expect to see Statement by Nadia earrings in your favorite fashion magazine, your Instagram feed and on stage at your favorite musician’s concert!