Customizable Earrings

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Customizable Earrings are an ideal accessory for making a statement. Light-weight resin letters are used to personalize with your own words, allowing you to express yourself in a unique handmade fashion. Show your creativity and make a memorable impression with Customizable Earrings.

Step 1 | Select the total # of letters
       [ add up letters on both ears | Words limited to 6 letters on each side ]  

Step 2 | Spell out your message 

[ (your) left + (your) right]

Step 3 | Choose your color

Step 4 | Choose an earring back
[clip-on or post]

Step 5 |
Choose the metal 


Letter Material | 100% Acetate Resin

Metal | Gold-Plated 

Size | 1.5 " H x 3.5 cm \ Per Letter



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